Peddler, Loudspeaker & Beer Permits

Permits & Applications

Permits and applications can be downloaded and filled out using Adobe Acrobat. Once completed and printed, they must be brought to Hendersonville City Hall to the Office of the City Recorder for approval and signature.

No application or permit is valid until an original signature and official city stamp is obtained from the City Recorder's Office.

Before You Apply

Prior to applying for any permits, it is important that you review and understand the requirements and limitations set forth in the City of Hendersonville Municipal Code pertaining to the desired activity or permit. See the Municipal Code related to each activity permit below BEFORE you complete the application.

Loudspeaker Permits

See the Hendersonville Municipal Code, Title 11, Chapter 4 (PDF) for information regarding Loudspeaker Applications

Peddler's Permits

See Hendersonville Municipal Code, Title 9, Chapters 1 and 2 (PDF) for information regarding Peddlers and Solicitors

Beer Permits

See Hendersonville Municipal Code, Title 5, Chapter 6 (PDF) for information regarding Alcoholic Beverage Tax. Concerning Alcoholic Beverages, see Hendersonville Municipal Code, Title 8 (PDF)

Special Occasion Beer Permits

See Hendersonville Municipal Code, Title 8, Chapter 2, Beer (PDF) for information regarding Special Occasion Beer Permits

Permit Applications & Documents

Request for Information & Applications