Limb & Brush Collection

Current Collection Areas of Brush & Limb Service

Limb collection routes (A, B, and C) were last updated on February 29, 2024, at 3:20 pm.

  • Walton Ferry Peninsula Area - "A" Route (A1-A7) - Current Zone: A7 - Curtiswood Dr. 
  • Indian Lake Peninsula Area - "B" Route (B1-B10) - Current Zone: B6 - Lake Park Dr. 
  • North of Gallatin Road Area - "C" Route (C1-C12) - Current Zone: C7 - Volunteer Dr. 

Current Collection Areas of Brush / Limb Service

Limb crews are working each Route (A, B, C) through the City approximately once every 6 to 8 weeks depending on weather and volume of material to be collected. Please note that the volume of limbs may affect the pickup schedule.

  • The limb progress map is updated approximately every 24 to 48 hours during the week.
  • The zone areas are collected in numerical order.
  • No specific dates are provided for collection at this time.

There is no call-in pickup service provided. Please leave a message with your contact number at 615-822-1016 for limb collection inquiries.

Brush & Limb Removal Service Guidelines

City of Hendersonville residents must follow these guidelines:

  • The pile of brush must be left within four feet of the edge of the road. If near a sidewalk, please place pile on the house side of the sidewalk and not in the narrow strip of grass.
  • The pile of brush must not be placed under trees and overhead wires so that our equipment can reach it without posing a danger to the operator. Also, piles must be kept away from mailboxes or other structures to avoid damage to the structure.
  • The maximum diameter of limbs is six inches. Anything thicker than that will not be picked up.
  • The pile of brush should be no larger than ten feet by ten feet. If larger please consider laying out one pile for now and other piles the next month.
  • No vines or root balls.
  • Small, firewood-sized cut-up stumps may be collected.
  • Do not include in your pile any building materials, trash, plastic, metal, wire, card, cardboard, paper or glass.
  • No commercial tree-cutting will be collected by the City. If you have hired a commercial tree service, have them haul off the debris. Most likely, they are already billing you for it. The City of Hendersonville is not responsible for picking up anything cut by trimming or cleaning services.
  • For leaf collection, simply put them in paper bags and leave them at the edge of the road/ curb.
  • Loose leaves will not be picked up.
  • Do not place piles on the street or sidewalks. If an accident occurs as a result of this, the homeowner will be liable for the damages.
  • There is no need to schedule a pickup. The city is divided into zones and one zone at a time is cleaned. The length of time between pick-ups varies depending on the amount of debris in the different zones and the weather.

This service is provided for residents only.