City Court

Hendersonville City Court hears code violations including traffic tickets, regulations of animals, property maintenance violations and more.

Court meets almost every Tuesday.

Court Basics

  • The address for Hendersonville City Court is 1 Executive Park Drive, Hendersonville, TN.
  • Your court date and time are indicated on the citation given to you at the time the citation was issued unless you have been given a new date and/or time by the Clerk or Judge.
  • Unsure if your court date and time? Contact the Court Clerk at 615-264-5354.
  • Plan to appear on time and dress appropriately.
  • All cell phones and watches must be silenced while the court is in session.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in court.

Pay a Ticket Without Appearing in Court

You may pay your ticket online or with cash or money order in person at the Clerk's office inside Hendersonville City Hall, 101 Maple Drive North. This will be considered a guilty plea to the charge(s) against you, and it will be on your driving record.

You must pay your ticket in full before your scheduled court date to avoid having to appear in court.

Persons under 18 years old when the citation was issued cannot pay a ticket without coming to court. They must come to court with a parent or guardian.

The amount of your costs and fines will vary depending on the charge. The prepayment schedule of costs is as follows:

Violation TypeFine
Hands Free $60
Seat Belt $30 (1st Offense); $50 (2nd or more offense)
Parking $4 (1st Offense); $6 (2nd or more offense)
All other violations$238.75

Request a New Court Date

To request a change of court date, contact the Court Clerk at 615-264-5354 before your scheduled court date. 

Failure to Appear in Court or Pay your Ticket

If you fail to pay your ticket or appear in court on your scheduled court date, you will be found guilty by default, you are subject to a fine for failure to appear, and your driver's license can be suspended by the Department of Safety.