Bulk Trash Items

Bulk Trash includes items with weights or volumes greater than those allowed for bins or containers. There are several options for disposal of bulk trash offered below: Bulk Alternative, Bulk Drop-Off, and Bulk Collection.

Bulk Item Disposal Alternative

Habitat Restore may accept furniture, appliances, household items, and other equipment in good condition. Please call 615-230-3032 to inquire and make arrangements. Click this link for Habitat ReStore accepted items.

Bulk Trash Drop-off

The Sumner County Resource Authority is our local site for the disposal of bulk trash items (including construction debris). Please visit their website or call to get specific details about acceptable items, cost of disposal, and hours of operation.

Sumner County Resource Authority
625 Rappahanncock Wire Road
Gallatin, TN 37066
Phone: 615-452-1114

Curbside Collection: Acceptable Bulk Trash

Stoves, refrigerators, water tanks/heaters, and washing machines (drained of all water), furniture, and other similar items and materials that are not construction debris, dead animals, hazardous waste, or stable matter.)

Curbside Collection: Unacceptable Bulk Trash

Refrigerated appliances (air conditioners, vending machines, etc.) cannot be accepted unless refrigerant and/or compressor are removed and tagged before collection. Call Public Works to notify that it has been professionally tagged.

  • Building and construction material (includes lumber, pallets, and fencing)
  • Glass doors or table tops
  • Motors or grills with fuel tanks still installed
  • Mattresses or furniture with living pests (bed bugs) or carpet not properly prepared
  • Large or heavy items (basketball goals, trampolines, sectional sofas) that have not been broken down into components,
  • Manure, hazardous waste, automotive/vehicle parts (includes tires) or wet paint.

This list is not comprehensive; please call Public Works at 615-822-1016 for specific item information