Lightning Detection System

Thor Guard System

Beginning spring 2019, the Hendersonville Parks Department and all operating athletic leagues, programs, and events will use the ThorGuard Lightning System, an Advanced Warning System, to monitor and detect lightning throughout Drakes Creek, Memorial, Veteran's, and Volunteer at Arrowhead Parks. All Players and Parents are to understand how the ThorGuard Lightning system works and follow the rules and regulations that the system has put forth.

Current Status at Drakes Creek Park

How Thor Guard System Works

This system is installed on top of our Drakes Creek Parks maintenance building located in the middle of the park between the two softball/baseball quads. This system will detect lightning within a few miles of the complex.

  • The system will alert all participants in the park when conditions become hazardous and lightning is detected within a 2-mile radius of the park.
  • When lightning is detected, a 15-second Warning Horn will Sound and the Strobe lights will flash (located on top of the Maintenance Building).
  • All players and visitors in the park must take shelter in their cars. Do not wait under trees, picnic canopies, or concession building overhangs.
  • When it is safe to return to the fields, 3 consecutive horns will sound and the strobe light will turn off.

Inclement Weather Procedure

  • During Lightning Alerts we ask that all individuals remain in their vehicles or inside until further notice.
  • During Lightning Alerts we ask that parents are present with their vehicles in the Sports Complex to provide a safe place for their child to wait during weather delays. Waiting under the picnic overhang or outside will not reduce the chances of getting struck by lightning. All players are asked to be in the safest possible place at all times.
  • Players are asked to wait in their vehicles until the following notifications:
    • The sounding of the ThorGuard Siren indicates it's safe to be outside and the strobe light turns off.

Please refer to each independent league's policies and procedures regarding lightning detection policy and resuming play beyond the Hendersonville Parks procedures listed here.

Additional Resources

Hendersonville Parks Severe Weather Policy (PDF)

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For information or to sign up for the city's CodeRED alerts view the flyer (PDF) or visit the city's resource page.