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Public Schools

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Education, on every level, is becoming increasingly important as companies seek to recruit highly skilled employees to help ensure their company’s success. The competitive nature of today’s economy demands that workers come to the workplace with all the tools necessary to get the job done. Hendersonville is fortunate that it is located within a short drive to institutes of higher learning that provide the quality workforce businesses need.

Middle Tennessee is known as “The Athens of the South” due to its large number of institutions of higher education. Five state universities, eight private universities, and several technical schools are all located within an hour’s drive of Hendersonville. Area universities work hand in hand with business to develop technologies, services and customized training. Because of the quality of life in Middle Tennessee, most of the graduates of these schools want to remain in the area. This offers businesses the best, brightest and most highly skilled workers in the country.

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More than 90% of the residents of Hendersonville have a high school diploma, with more than 27% holding a bachelor’s or advanced degree. The educational attainment of Hendersonville’s residents has risen steadily in the past 10 years, and that trend is expected to continue with future generations. Innovative public school programs are in place to prepare young students for life after graduation, and to assist them in technical training if college is not their choice.