Construction Site Issues

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Construction sites within the City of Hendersonville are required to adhere to the water quality and water quantity requirements laid out in the Stormwater Ordinance.  The City requires that these construction site operators properly design, install and maintain stormwater pollution prevention measures throughout construction. 

Below are some common construction issues that need to be brought to the City's attention to help reduce stormwater pollution:

  • Sediment tracked into the street or carried into a waterway

mud in street Illicit Discharge from Construction Site

  • Illegal dumping of substances or spills (paints, concrete, oils)

 Downstream from road IMG_2488

  • Excessive trash and debris

IMG_4829 IMG_4246

  • Failing Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Measures

IMG_2950 Clogged inlet flooding road

 If you observe any of the above issues or other possible problems on a local construction site please notify the City at or call 615-822-1016 to speak with the Stormwater Inspector.