Residential Collection Services

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Residential Refuse Collection

On behalf of the Public Works Department, Welcome to the City of Hendersonville.

This letter is to inform you of the City's solid waste disposal contract and its current regulations. Republic Services is our current contractor for this service. The Contract provides residential solid waste disposal for all one and two family dwellings on individually purchased lots within the city limits of Hendersonville. Service is twice per week backdoor. Cans must be reasonably accessible, and cannot be on a porch, inside a garage or building, or under a carport. Backdoor cans will not be collected if dogs are free and loose on the property. Invisible fences will not be considered acceptable containment of pets for accessing backdoor cans. Starting time for each day is 6:00 a.m. There is no specific finish time but all customers must be serviced on their scheduled pickup day. Holiday schedules are published here, accessed through the Citizen Info & Documents page, and run on the local cable access channel.

Residents are required to furnish their own trash cans, with no limit to the number of cans you may use. Cans are to be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner, must be water-tight, constructed of metal, plastic, rubber or other standard materials. Cans at the backdoor must be in one location, 42 inches or less in height, and all trash is required to be in a bag or bags, with no loose trash in the can collected. The weight of a container and its contents shall not exceed 50 lbs. To ensure consistency, do not bring backdoor cans to the road. A receptacle larger than 42 inches in height shall be placed at the curb. The container and its contents shall not exceed 75 pounds. Cans placed at the road do not have to have all waste placed in trash bags.

Should you have excess trash/yard waste that will not fit inside the trash can, you must place it at the curb in a bag, box or bundle for pickup. Bags shall not exceed 35 lbs. Yard waste, large or bulky items such as furniture, appliances, hot water heaters, etc. are picked up at the curb on your second scheduled pickup day. Building materials, automobile parts, and/or hazardous materials are not included in the residential trash disposal contract. A full hazardous waste collection is usually held in October.

We strongly suggest that you do not use trash cans for storage purposes (dog food, pool covers, tools, etc.). If you do, please be sure that these containers be kept inside a storage shed so as to avoid confusion, realizing that the trash collector is to empty all containers that meet the above noted requirements.

Your regularly scheduled service days are Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays. Please contact the Public Works office if you have any questions about your scheduled pick up days.

If you are a new resident and would like to begin refuse pickup, please e-mail Refuse Regulation with your name and address, and please specify if your home is new construction (has not previously had refuse pickup).

If we may be of further assistance, please call 615-822-1016 or come by our offices located at City Hall, 101 Maple Dr. North.

Thank you for your inquiry and cooperation in this matter.

Public Works