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Impact Fees:

Action Plan:

Hendersonville Horizons:

The Hendersonville Horizons Steering Committee was formed with the purpose of evaluating the goals and accomplishments of the 2007 Hendersonville Tomorrow Report and establishing updated priorities and growth strategies for the next 10-15 years.

Hendersonville Tomorrow:

Utilizing broad-based citizen involvement, the Hendersonville Tomorrow Steering Committee developed a community vision to improve the City of Hendersonville, encompassing what it should be 15 years into the future.

Town Center Redevelopment:

The Town Center Redevelopment Committee was formed in 2003 by the City of Hendersonville in recognition that the originally developed portion of Hendersonville is an area worthy of preserving, revitalizing and redeveloping.  The Plan was completed in 2006 and adopted by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. The first step in implementing the plan was the adoption by the Board of the Town Center-Residential and Town Center-Commercial zoning districts as well as the Town Center Design Guidelines.  The zoning and Design Guidelines were adopted on January 9, 2007.

The creation of the Master Plan, Zoning and Design Guidelines was a community effort that would not have been possible without the dedication of the members of the Town Center Redevelopment Committee, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, the Planning Commission, involved citizens, and the City'™s consultants - Hawkins Partners, Inc. 

For additional information please contact the City of Hendersonville Planning Department at 615.264.5316.