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Sick Bank

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The Sick Leave Bank is available to employees who, due to illness or disability, have exhausted all available leave benefits (Sick, Vacation and Comp).  These employees may apply to the Sick Bank for advanced leave given the following stipulations:

  • Any employee having a Sick Leave balance of at least six (6) days and employed by the City of Hendersonville for twelve (12) months is eligible to contribute to the Sick Leave Fund.
  • Employees may voluntarily contribute up to five (5) days each calendar year, only in whole day increments.  Donations can be made by contacting the HR Department.
  • Each Sick Leave day donated is irrevocably donated to the Sick Bank.
  • Only those employees who have worked for the City for at least (12) months and who have donated to the fund are eligible to request donations from the fund.
  • Employees who are eligible to request donations from the Sick Bank may do so only after exhausting all accumulated Sick, Vacation, and Compensatory Leave and after having applied for advanced additional Sick leave pursuant to Rule XV, Section 3, subsection 3.10 of the City of Hendersonville Personnel Rules and Regulations.
  • The maximum number of donated Sick Leave days an eligible employee can receive and use is sixty (60).
  • Sick Leave days awarded from the Sick Bank are limited to the number of days available in the bank.
  • Grants from the Sick Bank shall not be made to any member on account of elective surgery, illness of any member of the participant's family, or during any period the member is receiving any disability benefits.   

If you are a current Full-time employee who is eligible per the rules above and you wish to donate to the City's Sick Bank, please contact the HR Department.