Residential Burning Permits

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Burning Inside the City Limits of Hendersonville, TN

  •  Open Burn Permits are REQUIRED for residents to burn within the city limits of Hendersonville to safely burn tree limbs and brush.
  • The limbs and brush  MUST be indigenous to the site of the burn meaning it must have been grown there.
  • Material to be burned  CANNOT be shipped to the site of the burn and  CANNOT include any building wood or other construction components.
  • Weather conditions dictate the approval of burn permits.   NO burning will be allowed when sustained winds are above 10 mph.
  • Open burning without a permit will be deemed a violation and subject to a fine of $250.00 for malicious burning.
  • You  MUST call either the administrative office (between 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday) or one of the stations EACH day BEFORE you begin burning to determine if the day is a Burn Day.


Obtaining a Burn Permit

Residential Burn Permits can be obtained from any fire station or at our administrative offices.

You may print a sample copy of the permit HERE. This is a sample only and may not be used as a permit.  It is provided for you so you may read all requirements and be familiar with them before going to a station or the administrative offices to complete your actual permit which will be signed by both you and an authorized representative of the department

* If you would like to print the sample to read offline, you will need Adobe Reader.  You can go here, Adobe Reader, to get your free reader