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Fire Prevention

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The Hendersonville Fire Department enforces the 2018 International Fire Code and the 2018 Life Safety Code.

The Hendersonville Fire Marshal's Office does not accept deferred submittals for Fire Suppression Systems.  Provide Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler Plans with the initial plan submittal.

The Hendersonville Fire Marshal's Office is here to ensure maximum life safety protection for the public.  At the same time, we are here to assist building professionals and property owners, construct and maintain their assets as safely and as cost efficiently as possible."

The Fire Prevention Bureau strives to protect citizens and community from fire and other hazardous situations by adhering to Federal and State Law as well as Local (City of Hendersonville) Adopted Codes and Ordinances.

The Fire Prevention Bureau conducts all fire and life safety inspections in the City of Hendersonville, TN. We also permit and inspect special events inside the City of Hendersonville.

The Fire Prevention Bureau investigates fires and accidents. They also inspect fire and life safety and protection systems as well as providing emergency response and support during incidents. 

The Fire Prevention Bureau also collects and analyzes data and maintains records. 

Under the direction of Fire Marshal Paul Varble, the Fire Prevention Bureau performs many services.

  • Reviews and inspects all new construction and remodeling of commercial buildings in conjunction with the City’s Building and Codes Department
  • Reviews fire and sprinkler plans for compliance
  • Permits and monitors blasting operations
  • Completes plans reviews
  • Inspects existing structures to ensure Code compliance
  • Permits and inspects all flammable and combustible storage tanks (Class I, II, or III) greater than 60 gallons (above ground, underground, and liquefied petroleum tanks)
  • Permits and checks pyrotechnic displays
  • Inspects and checks special events for cooking, tents, and large public gatherings
  • Gives an on-call fire inspector for emergency situations
  • Inspects one- and two-family dwellings upon request




Contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 615-822-1119, ext. 306 to give a complaint about fire hazards.

Please have the address of the property and name of the business, if applicable, available when you call the office.

All concerns are investigated by a fire inspector.