Emergency Management

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The Hendersonville Fire Department's Office of Emergency Management has the responsibility for the coordination of the city's emergency management functions.  Our primary duties include disaster mitigation,  preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.

We complete these tasks and deliver these services by:

  • Preparing for the coordination of emergency management efforts with local, county, state, and federal officials as well as identifying strategies for prevention and mitigation.
  • Consulting with governments, medical facilities, schools, and businesses to determine needs and capabilities; assists in developing and updating emergency operation plans.
  • Preparing various federal, state, and local grant applications as well as ensuring compliance with grant management and recordkeeping requirements.

Public education is an essential duty or our organization. The goal of this function is to not only prevent fires but also minimize their damage through planning, coordination, and education of adults and children throughout the City of Hendersonville. Simply stated, our goal is that all of our citizens from preschoolers to senior citizens will learn the proper action to take in case of fire or life emergencies.

We also provide mutual aid assistance to surrounding agencies, cities, and counties. We have specialized teams such as Dive/Rescue, Haz-Mat, High/Low Angle Rescue, and Swift Water teams that are trained to aid and assist other jurisdictions in their time of need.


A unique service that we also provide is our CodeRED early warning and notification system.  CodeRED is free and available to any citizen of the City of Hendersonville.  CodeRED delivers geo-targeted, time-sensitive information to any individual opting into the service, using voice, email, and text.  This information includes an early warning of severe weather coming into the area, road closures and other useful information that can keep our citizens safe and secure.  For more information go to