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Building and Codes

Message From The Department

All roads lead to buildings.  It is these buildings where people live, work, sleep, eat, play, learn, manufacture, shop, worship, study, hospitalize and are incarcerated. Building Codes are developed to provide reasonable design, construction, use, occupancy and maintenance of buildings and their various components.   Our mission at the Building and Codes Department is to ensure all buildings are safe for you, your family and the occupants by enforcing the latest adopted Building Codes.  Our Building Inspection staff have an obligation to the public to provide the best building possible by ensuring the Building Codes are adhered too while not harming the ecosystem. 

Building Inspection Staff are Certified Building Inspectors by the International Code Conference providing the community the highest level of qualified individuals to inspect buildings and to be a resource to the construction community.   Thank you for visiting our Web page and always feel free to contact us.