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Information Technology

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Responsibilities & Functions 

The Information Technology Department with the City of Hendersonville is responsible for and assists with many different aspects of the City and it's departments.

  • Business Systems:  Provide services and support for enterprise and departmental applications and configurations and updates to public and internal websites.
  • Office Systems:  Administers city email, department storage, backups, and anti-virus applications.
  • GIS Systems:  Provides departments and applications with access to geographic and spatial data.
  • Network Services:  Develops and maintains a dependable network infrastructure for the City departments in order to provide a solid foundation for application software and automated technologies.
  • Client Services:  Maintains and repairs all City Hall and Fire Departments desktop equipment, printers,  faxes, and application access.
  • Public Safety Systems: Provides technology support to the Fire Department including support of critical software for mask testing, scuba gear testing, and AED machines.
  • Telephone Systems: Provides services for telephones and wireless devices to City departments and facilities.

Mission Statement

The Information Technology Department is committed to provide secure, proven technology that enhances operational effectiveness of employees and allow convenient access to government information and services for citizens, visitors, and businesses.