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FAQ List

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  • How often will my trash be picked up by Waste Pro?

  • What waste will not be picked up by Waste Pro?

  • Are hazardous items allowed in containers?

  • What is considered acceptable construction debris?

  • Does trash at the backdoor have to be bagged and how much can a bag/container weigh?

  • Will my trash be collected at the same time every day?

  • If I place bulk items at the curb, can I leave the remaining trash at the backdoor?

  • What do I need to do to view an employee’s personnel file?

  • Will my trash be collected if the property (single family residential) is gated?

  • Does the City of Hendersonville pay a Spanish Fluency Bonus?

  • What size containers may be used for trash collection and where may the containers be placed?

  • Do you have any jobs for part-time, seasonal or youth?

  • Does the City of Hendersonville provide tuition reimbursement?

  • Should Waste Pro employees enter a resident’s property when No Trespassing signs are posted?

  • How often should I replace my smoke detector batteries?

  • What if I need special testing accommodations?

  • My Smoke Detector is making a chirping noise. What's wrong with it?

  • When will I be notified about a team?

  • How many summer baseball games are played?

  • What days are games and practices held?

  • How many practices/games per week?

  • When do summer baseball games begin and end?

  • When do summer baseball practices begin?

  • Are the field's open?

  • Has the item I lost at the park been turned in?

  • There is an animal at the park needing medical attention. Who do I call?

  • What is Title VI?

  • Do Hendersonville Parks have a camping area?

  • Do Hendersonville Parks offer Kayak/Boat rentals?

  • Can I bring my dog to the park?

  • How do I apply for a job with the City of Hendersonville?

  • Can I submit a resume and/or cover letter?

  • Can I work for the Water or Sanitation department?

  • Can I be notified of future employment opportunities?

  • As a homeowner, may I apply for my own permits?

  • What is the first step if I am considering undertaking a construction and/or remodeling project at my home?

  • Do I have to submit a separate job application for each open recruitment?

  • Does the City of Hendersonville require a contractor's license to apply for permits?

  • Do you take paint?

  • Do you take mattress sets?

  • Why were items at curb not picked up?

  • Where is City Court held?

  • Do I have to be a United States citizen to apply?

  • Where do I make payments for traffic citations?

  • Where do I turn in public service work papers that I received in court?

  • How do I locate the City's ordinances?

  • Can I apply with a resume and/or cover letter only?

  • Do I have to be a resident of Hendersonville to work for the City of Hendersonville?

  • What kind of bag can I use for yard waste?

  • What types of yard waste are accepted for collection?

  • What types of yard waste are NOT accepted for collection?