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The City of Hendersonville encourages any qualified person or entity to consider applying for work and/or services with the city. Please see below for detailed information on the current Bid Notices and Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

In-Line Hockey & Athletic Field Site Plans

  • Department:Parks
  • Start Date:11/21/2019
  • Close Date:12/06/2019 4:00 PM



In-Line Hockey and Athletic Field Site Plans and Drawings for Volunteer Park at Arrowhead

Legal Notice to Consultant Engineers

 The City of Hendersonville, Tennessee is requesting Letters of Interest from interested Professional Engineering firms in order to provide professional services for providing site plans, design and construction documents for the construction of In-Line Hockey Rinks, and Athletic Playing Fields at Volunteer Park at Arrowhead in Hendersonville, TN.  Services will be provided in accordance with the requirements of all applicable local, State, and Federal procedures and regulations.  Failure to meet these requirements will void the submittal.

 The Letter of Interest must be received on or before 4:00 pm, on Friday, December 6, 2019.  No late responses will be accepted.  The City reserves the right to reject any and all responses.  Interested firms shall submit two (2) paper copies and one (1) digital copy of their Letter of Interest to:

Andy Gilley

Parks Director

City of Hendersonville

101 Maple Drive North

Hendersonville, TN  37075


*Please include the name of the prime consultant firm with the following information:  owner, address, telephone number, and email.  Also, provide the contact info (including email) of the assigned Principal-In-Charge and/or Project Manager.  Further information regarding this Request for Letters of Interest may be obtained by contacting Andy Gilley, at 615.822.3898 or via email



The City of Hendersonville Parks Department is seeking to obtain site plans to construct two In-Line Hockey Rinks at Volunteer Park at Arrowhead in a space where there are existing soccer fields.  The project shall include full construction of the rinks and dugouts with covers, a storage area, a changing area, and, ultimately, a covered pavilion type structure over the rinks.  The city would request to have site plans for the two rinks with LED lighting, as well as an alternate set of plans to cover the rinks in the future. These plans shall also include two new athletic playing fields, a restroom facility and a parking area on the opposite side of the creek from the proposed In-Line Hockey rinks.  These fields may be grass or synthetic turf with LED lighting.


Services shall include, but not be limited to, data collection, including topographic survey and performing field observations; Preparing civil site plans, including any necessary specifications; Providing any other services needed to complete the project up to, but not including, construction bidding. 


The evaluation of a firm’s qualification during Phase 1 will be limited to the prime consultant firm only.  Only provide a maximum three (3) page letter that summarizes the firm’s experience, expertise, and qualifications.  Firms may also provide examples of similar projects. The evaluation criteria to be considered for the Letter of Interest are listed below. 

  1. Past experience with projects similar in scope and size;
  2. Summary of professional licensure and qualifications of key staff assigned to the project; and
  3. Staff capabilities of prime consultant and prequalification status of firm. 

Letters of Interest will be reviewed by the City of Hendersonville’s Consultant Evaluation Committee based on the established criteria above.  The city may elect to choose a firm from the Phase 1 applications or a minimum of three firms will be short-listed and chosen to submit full proposals for Phase 2 of the evaluation process.  The City of Hendersonville will notify the firms chosen to submit full proposals by email. 



Phase 2 will include the evaluation of the prime consultant’s and any sub-consultant’s (if applicable) qualifications.  Short-listed firms shall submit four (4) paper copies and one (1) digital copy of their full proposal. The Phase 2 evaluation criteria to be considered, including the relative weight of importance, for the proposal are listed below:

  1. Past experience with projects similar in scope and size (20 points).
  2. Specialized expertise in In-Line Hockey and Athletic Field Construction Design(20 points).
  3. Evaluations on prior projects, if available (10 points).
  4. Qualifications and availability of key staff that will be assigned to the project (15 points).
  5. Proposed project approach, including innovative concepts or alternatives (20 points).
  6. Proposed project schedule (10 points).
  7. Work already under contract with the City of Hendersonville and personnel currently assigned to each project, if applicable (5 points).

Submittals will be reviewed and scored by the City of Hendersonville’s Consultant Evaluation Committee based on the established criteria above.  Interviews may be conducted at the discretion of the City.  It shall be the responsibility of the prime consultant to include a signed statement from each sub-consultant on their own letterhead confirming that they have the staff available and agree to provide the necessary services for the specific project.  Failure to meet this requirement will void the submittal.  The City of Hendersonville will execute a project specific cost-plus fixed fee contract with the firm selected and distribute monthly payments based on work performed each billing cycle.  The estimated schedule for performance of the work for this project will be from November 2019 to January 2020.  The firm, by submitting a response, certifies that to the best of its knowledge or belief, no elected or appointed official of the City of Hendersonville is financially interested, directly, or indirectly, in the purchase of services as described in this request. 

The City of Hendersonville hereby notifies all vendors that it will affirmatively insure that Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) and small businesses will be afforded full opportunity to submit a response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the basis of age, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or disability in consideration of this pre-qualification.





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