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Pavement Condition Assessment Information

Post Date:02/28/2018 9:14 AM

Pavement Condition Index (PCI)

The PCI is a list that shows the condition of the pavement. This particular list displays the numbers from worst to best. It is the City’s intention to review the worst roads first and then develop an approach to repair these facilities. 

The PCI only lists the condition of the pavement. Other factors exist such as drainage, road geometry, and the road section. These all greatly influence the design approach determining the type of repair necessary. This also would mean other factors must be addressed before a road is to receive a final overlay. These include pipes under roads and out of the right of way, driveways, curbs, poor geometric designs, drainage ditches, and sometimes sidewalks.

To determine a construction list, our engineer reviews the roads and conditions nearby. His review will assist in determining the best way to optimize mobilization efforts to best utilize time and dollars. Construction days are precious and a plan must be made to optimize the work.

Public Works shall post a list of what roads are to be addressed within the remainder of the fiscal year. This list will be affected by the speed of construction and costs. Roads may be added to this list as we are given final costs of construction if we saved sufficient dollars. We will update this list as construction occurs.

A second set of roads shall be provided for the sealing project. This project will begin once temperatures at night are not going below 50 degrees.  This list will be updated as projects are complete as well.

Pavement Condition Assessment Report

PCI rating of 31M - All Years Jobs