Why were items at curb not picked up?

Trash collection crews cannot accept building and construction material (including lumber from pallets, fencing), glass doors or table tops, appliances with compressors still installed, motors or grills with fuel tanks still installed, mattresses or furniture with living pests (bed bugs), carpet not properly prepared, large or heavy items (basketball goals, trampolines, sectional sofas) that have not been broken down into components, manure, hazardous waste, automotive/vehicle parts (includes tires) or wet paint. This list is not comprehensive; please call Public Works at 615-822-1016 for specific item information.

Rugs, carpet, and carpet padding removed by the resident may be placed at the curb for collection. The items must be cut into 4' sections, tightly rolled and each section weighs no more than 75 pounds. Items may also be placed in trash bags for collection. Bags shall weigh no more than 35 pounds. Carpet removed by a professional contractor will not be collected.

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