What waste will not be picked up by Waste Pro?

Excluded waste is all commercial and industrial refuse, construction debris except as what was defined previously, dead animals, institutional waste, hazardous waste, offal waste, stable matter, vegetable waste, and special waste.

Vegetable waste - excluded if resulted from the processing of plants for food by commercial establishments such as canneries. This does not include waste products resulting from the preparation and consumption of food in places such as cafeterias and restaurants.

Institutional waste - solid waste originating from education, health, and research facilities such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, and other similar establishments

Special Waste - special waste is a form of excluded waste and is defined as non-hazardous, solid waste that is subject to additional government regulations or special handling requirements in the collection, transportation, processing, or disposal as a result of the characteristics of or processes which generate such waste.

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