Honor the Game Sportsmanship Program

Honor the GameThe "Honor the Game" Sportsmanship Program was founded on the core values of good sportsmanship, character development, positive play, and integrity within athletic participation. The operating organizations and leagues within the Hendersonville parks will ensure that their athletic programs promote and require the highest standards of sporting behavior and ethical conduct by all participants (athletes, coaches, officials, staff and parents).

4 Principles of the "Honor the Game" Sportsmanship Program

  • Respect: Always respecting for the game's rules, players, coaches, officials, parents and fans
  • Heart: Competing with heart and hustle
  • Learn: Building skill and confidence through both successes and failures
  • Play: Play for the enjoyment of the game

All athletic organizations must provide opportunities to promote the sportsmanship program and recognize individuals within their own league or sport. This program allows us to showcase our athletes and organizations in a way that positively impacts the Hendersonville Parks and community, as a whole. Below is information about both awards.

Positive Sports Training & Resources for Parents

"Honor the Game" Seasonal Award of Good Sporting Conduct

Throughout each sports season of the calendar year the Hendersonville Parks Department collects nominations from partnering leagues and organizations of individuals that displayed good sporting conduct. The Parks Department will recognize and honor all individuals nominated for exemplary sporting behavior associated with the athletic programs operating in Hendersonville parks system. The department will recognize individuals on the department's website and social media pages, local media, and receive a certificate and a t-shirt.

"Jameson Wharton" Sportsmanship Award

The "Jameson Wharton" Sportsmanship Award was introduced in 2019, as an annual award program that seeks to recognize two athletes competing across all Hendersonville parks leagues (youth and adult) who demonstrate the following characteristics:

An ideal award nominee:

  • An exceptional leader who makes a big impact on the league, program, park, and/or community. Someone who goes above and beyond the expectations of sportsmanship
  • Acts positively and affects a community's sports culture and/or game environment
  • Consistently shows honor for the game, defined as behavior that shows respect for the game's rules, participants, officials, and fans
  • Displays act(s) of integrity that go beyond the sport's playing rules and etiquette
  • Makes decisions that while difficult or unpopular, are respectful of the game/opponent
  • Put others' needs ahead of his or her own


The Parks Department will compile nominations from each league and organization during the calendar year prior to December 1st. Once all nominations are submitted, the Honor the Game Sportsmanship Committee (HTGSC) will review and vote on two individuals that demonstrated acts of leadership and character that merits the award. The Committee will provide a ceremony to recognize each winner with a glass award and a congratulatory certificate from the City of Hendersonville.

"Jameson Wharton" Sportsmanship Award

  • 2019
    • Denny Barts - Umpire HOA
    • 2019 CC Tackle Football Team - Civitan Club
  • 2020
    • Makenna Brown - athlete TUSC
    • Judy Georgen - coach HSC
  • 2021
    • Judy Jones - Soccer Official
    • Brian Silkwood - Sumner Rugby Director

About Jameson Wharton

Jameson Wharton's desire to help others began at an early age. At 10 years old, he created "Football for the Cure," an annual event aimed to raise funds for cancer research. During the 4th annual "Football for the Cure", Jameson, along with 25 of his teammates, raised over $1200 with all proceeds going towards cancer research. Jameson hopes to increase awareness and participation within the Hendersonville community through the continuation of "Football for the Cure." Jameson serves a positive example among our youth of Hendersonville through his dedication, inspiration, and guidance to all. The Hendersonville Parks Department and "Honor the Game" Sportsmanship Committee are honored to name this award after Jameson Wharton. The "Jameson Wharton" Sportsmanship Award will recognize and honor future Hendersonville Parks youth who display the character, spirit, and sportsmanship as Jameson has, while positively impacting the Hendersonville community.

Wharton 2

"One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it." - Knute Rockne

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