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Welcome to Hendersonville!

A message from our Mayor

Recently Hendersonville was ranked the 16th best City in the United States by Money magazine.

Our city government responds to citizens’ needs, protects our 64,000 residents, treats everybody justly, avoids debt, maintains our infrastructure, and prepares for the next generation.

I read to young students frequently and have become very good at Llama Llama books, “The Book with No Pictures”, and “John, Paul, George, & Ben”, a book about the founding fathers.

Our schools and parks are exceptional. 

We are the third safest city in Tennessee for two reasons. We stand behind our police officers, and we treat all criminals equally: We catch them, prosecute them, and send them to jail.

We are home to many celebrated musicians and Governor Mike Huckabee’s nationally broadcast show. We host Freedom Festival every July 3rd, a Veterans Day parade in November, and an annual Christmas parade. After the Christmas parade, we light a Christmas tree in our most visible park on Main Street. The tree sits close to our marker that declares us a Gold Star community, a recognition of people who lost family members in military service.

City board meetings start with the pledge and prayer. 

Families are our backbones. Personal responsibility is expected. Patriotism is honored. Capitalism is practiced. Generosity is praised.

We stand when we hear the National Anthem.

I love Hendersonville and I am proud to serve as Mayor.

Our Vision

The city by the lake: a place to live, work and play

The City of Hendersonville diligently seeks to be a highly preferred community for families and businesses to live, grow, and thrive through access to quality opportunities and effectively managed City services.