Walton Ferry Road - Old Shackle Island Road: Intersection Improvements

After decades of this "malfunction junction" negatively impacting traffic along Main Street, a realignment project for the intersection of Walton Ferry Road and Old Shackle Island Road with Gallatin Road is moving forward.

Currently in the Right-of-Way acquisition phase, this $10,000,000 project is being funded with 80% coming from the Federal Government through the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and only 20% being paid by the City. 

Officials with the City have worked diligently over the past few years to move this project to the top of approximately 800 projects requesting funding in the Middle Tennessee Region.

The project includes road widening, sidewalks, and roadway construction at the intersection and runs along Walton Ferry Road from Imperial Boulevard to Gallatin Road, crosses Gallatin Road and continues along Old Shackle Island Road to Volunteer Drive.

As the State moves through the Right-of-Way acquisition it is expected that the existing old Volunteer State Bank building and Rhino Mart properties will be acquired to make way for the new roadway.

Construction is expected to begin in 2014.

An overall map of the project can be found here, with a close up map of the intersection realignment found here.