Rockland Road Turn Lane at Imperial Boulevard

The City's Public Works Department has installed a new right turn lane from Rockland Road onto Imperial Boulevard.  This is part of the City's ongoing efforts toward infrastructure upgrades to assist in better traffic flow.

The project was done in its entirety by City workers.

The City of Hendersonville Public Works Department’s has just concluded Phase One of the Traffic Enhancement Program to improve City wide traffic flow. Over the years with the construction of Indian Lake Blvd, the City has experienced high new volumes of traffic on the north side of town. The City has, in house, redesigned and reconstructed the intersections at Indian Lake Blvd at Anderson Lane, Anderson Lane at Gallatin Road, Imperial Blvd at Rockland Road and Gallatin Road at Center Point Road. New striping and signals have been added as well to ease congestion. The new signals will tie into Phase 2 of the Traffic Enhancement Program which when completed will have communications between all signals to be controlled via a computer system at City Hall which will be able to adjust to varying traffic loads.