New Shackle Island Construction



The New Shackle Island Road widening project is progressing. At this time 80% of the new storm drainage has been installed. All roadway crossings have been completed and we do not anticipate anymore road closures. As the project progresses in the next couple of months, curbing and sidewalks will start to develop along the project site. Once these items have been completed, pavement will be placed for the widening of the roadway. 03/21/2016


Construction to New Shackle Island Road

The project will widen State Route 258 (New Shackle Island Road) from a three-lane section to a five-lane section with curb & gutter. Total roadway width from face to face of curbs will be 63-ft. The alignment begins at Iris Drive and continues along existing State Route 258 (New Shackle Island Road) to ramps of State Route 386 (Vietnam Veterans Boulevard). Right-of-Way width will vary along State Route 258 and side roads.

80% of this $3,600,000 project is being paid by the State of Tennessee.  The City of Hendersonville is paying the remaining 20%.  Currently in the Right-of-Way acquisition phase, the project is projected to start construction summer 2014.

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